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Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate
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HAEME LEW Lawyers have in-depth knowledge and understanding of real estate industry trends and deal structures. We offer commercially-sound and market-leading advice in transactions involving real estate including the following:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions of Real Estate Companies

  • Property Acquisitions & Divestments

  • Sales & Leasebacks

  • Property Related Joint Ventures

  • Property Developments

Our partnership with developers includes being appointed for preliminary advice before the construction, the drafting and the negotiations of joint venture agreements with the developers until the completion of the projects. In addition to that, we have also assisted in the handling of the sale & purchase and loan agreements to finance the construction costs for developers and the purchase of the properties of retail buyers.

Property Financing & Loan
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We have a wealth of experience in assisting our clients in loan, banking, and financing matters related to real estate and property.


We offer our legal assistance in tailoring and structuring housing loan agreements, refinancing agreements, and commercial loan agreements to suit each of our clients and their specific needs, whether they are individuals or corporate entities.

Sale and Purchase of Properties
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HAEME LEW Lawyers act for a wide range of clientele, from individuals to corporate entities, in the acquisition and disposal of various properties including residential, commercial, industrial, and development lands. Whether our clients are buying a family home or investing in high-value properties, we understand that it will be an important purchase and a stressful decision.


We have in-depth knowledge of property law as well as the real estate market. We assist our clients in negotiating and preparing sales & purchase agreements. In doing so, we will ensure that our clients are well-advised and informed every step of the way.

Land Development & Construction
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HAEME LEW is composed of a fully integrated multi-disciplinary team with experience across the whole life cycle of large, complex projects. From inception to commissioning, including financing, supply chain infrastructure, and plant operations and maintenance, we work to ensure seamless delivery at every stage.

HAEME LEW Lawyers have extensive advisory experience in various industry sectors, including the power, water, oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation (including roads, rail systems, and tunnels), and telecommunication sectors.


We have acted for governments, sponsors, financiers, project companies, contractors, and consultants and are able to advise on all aspects of project development from inception, procurement and construction, through to testing, commissioning and the operational phase, including the establishment of supply chain infrastructure and production processes.

Strata Development & Management Advisory
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There is no doubt that common property is an important feature in all strata schemes. Developers build, offer and provide various common facilities and common services in their strata projects to not only attract prospective purchasers but also to increase the market value of the strata properties. While strata developments continue to mushroom across the country, public awareness of the law regarding the strata management and common property remains low. This is particularly a problem for new strata owners and inexperienced management committee members. This article aims to explain the basics of common property.


The Joint Management Body (JMB) has a legal personality as being a statutory corporation body, which means that they can sue or be sued by a third party concerning the failure to perform their duties and responsibilities. They are a corporate body with perpetual succession having its common seal for any legal commitments and no one can use the seal of JMB unless with the approval of the Joint Management Committee (JMC). The JMB shall be deemed to be dissolved within 3 months from the date of the first meeting of the Management Corporation (MC). Thus, the formation of JMB is only effective if the MC has yet to be formed.

Property Auctions
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An auction is a form of sale. In an auction, a property is publicly put up for sale. An auction has a seller and a varying number of prospective buyers.

At HAEME LEW, we assist our clients on numerous occasions relating to auctions of properties, among others, the purchase of auctioned properties, representing purchasers, challenging auction orders, etc.

We also assist our clients involving judicial auction (an auction where an order for sale needs to be obtained from either the High Court or the Land Office under Sections 256 and 260 of the National Land Code 1965). Therefore, where the title has been issued to a charged property, a chargee bank needs to apply for an order for sale before the property can be auctioned off.

Tenancy & Lease
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HAEME LEW assists our clients in matters relating to tenancy agreements, eviction of tenants, and other matters related to the tenancy and lease of residential & commercial properties, offices, and service residences.


We also advise and represent our clients in the renewal of state government leases. We also routinely advise and represent a diverse range of clients including private individuals and corporations on various types of property related to the renewal of state government lease in various states including Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Johor, etc.

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Property Loan
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