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General Litigation
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Our team has represented financial institutions, body corporate as well as ordinary man on the street in their debt recovery proceedings arising from goods sold and delivered, arrears of rental of premises, recovery of maintenance charges by developers and management corporations, recovery of arrears of maintenance in divorce proceedings. We provide total solution to debt recovery process, from issuing of demand notice to execution of judgments for payments

Corporate Litigation
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Our practice in dispute resolution includes resolving boardroom and shareholding disputes in corporations. Our dispute resolution team regularly represents directors and shareholders in resolving their disputes. We guide shareholders on pertinent areas in company law including minority shareholder’s rights, derivative actions and equitable winding up. In representing clients, we constantly explore ways to achieve the best possible outcome of dispute resolution including negotiation and mediation

Banking & Debt Litigation
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We regularly represented judgment creditors in their recovery exercise through bankruptcy proceedings, from issuing of pre-bankruptcy demand notices to post-bankruptcy administrative proceedings including filing of proof of debt, creditor’s meeting and discharge. We also advise clients on other modes of enforcement of judgments including writ of seizure and sale and garnishment. We advise clients on strategic negotiations regarding debt restructuring deals and constantly seek the best options available to achieve workable restructuring plans

Arbitration, Adjudication & Mediation
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Our team provides a wide range of experience in conducting domestic and international arbitrations under a variety of institutional rules and on an ad-hoc basis. The team has diverse experience in representing clients in complex and large-scale arbitration proceedings in all aspects of commercial and civil law. In addition to the above, our team also provides legal services in respect of construction related disputes specifically involving the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012.

Employment & Industrial Relation
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We have a strong employment practice, routinely representing employers and employees in both their claims and defenses. We regularly advise employers on a full range of employment issues including unfair dismissal claims. We also advise employees with workplace disputes ranging from wages disputes, domestic inquiry, representing them in Industrial Court for adjudication of their claims and judicial review applications in the High Court. In representing clients, we constantly explore ways to achieve the best possible outcome in resolving their disputes including mediations and negotiations.


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