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HAEME LEW won Law Firm of the Year 2021 awarded by the In-House Community

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

We at HAEME LEW are glad to share that we have been awarded the Law Firm of the Year 2021 for the Restructuring and Insolvency category.

We also have been enlisted for ‘Honourable Mention’ in the following categories:

1. Litigation and Dispute Resolution

2. Anti-Trust/Competition

3. Compliance/Regulatory

About 17,000 in-house counsel and buyers of legal services from 11 jurisdictions were invited to participate in the annual In-House Community Survey. The survey requires the respondents to which legal services providers made the most significant impression on them over the past year, in terms of responsiveness and their satisfaction with the work done.

The survey was an opportunity for the community of in-house counsel to recognize any stand-out performers as no shortlist was provided and the respondents are free to nominate any firm that they have worked with and provide the reasoning why the nominated firm deserved the recognition.

Where applicable, sole category Winners are announced. If results were too close to call, we have joint Winners. Honourable Mentions are awarded to law firms that received notable in-house recognition.

We cannot thank our clients enough for nominating and giving good reviews about our services.

This is a testament to our commitment to delivering our best in every brief we do, and will definitely be a catalyst for us at HAEME LEW to strive for better.

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