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Tax Advisory & Tax Disputes

Corporate Tax Advisory
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At HAEME LEW, we understand how tax governance and compliance work. With our skills and industry knowledge, we would be able to help our clients to see all possible opportunities and to comply with the tax regulations.


We combine our in-depth knowledge of corporate taxation issues with deep industry experience to assist our clients to achieve tax-effective outcomes and long-term value, ensuring that our clients could execute business strategies, projects and transactions in a tax-effective manner.

Corporate Tax Compliance
Accounting Documents

Taxation system in Malaysia is becoming challenging for companies to comply. Under the taxation system, the burden of responsibility has shifted from the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (“LHDN”) to the taxpayer. The LHDN is placing more emphasis on audits carried out by its officers to ensure voluntary tax compliance by taxpayers.

At HAEME LEW, we are ready to assist our clients in complying with their tax obligations.

Customs Duties and Taxes
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Many of our clients unable to understand the complexity of the taxation regime in Malaysia, as such we always ensure our clients are properly advised on how indirect taxes will impact their business activities and operations. 

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department is increasingly using technology to improve compliance and focusing on indirect taxes as a source of revenue.

HAEME LEW will assist our clients to navigate the complex indirect taxes be it from Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST), import/export duty, excise duty, product tariff code classification and valuation, Customs and Trade matters to Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Transfer Pricing
Tax Income Reports

We, at HAEME LEW, provide holistic transfer pricing services, from planning up to managing compliance and documentation obligations for all taxpayers, be it multinational entities or local conglomerates. 

In today’s post-Base Erosion Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) world, the introduction of BEPS Action 13 (Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting) has reformed the transfer pricing landscape. With the collaboration amongst tax authorities worldwide for mutual exchange of information and increased transfer pricing transparency, we will always ensure our clients' rights are fully protected where we will assist our clients to legally increase their value and maximise profits.

Tax Dispute Resolution
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We represent and help companies and high-net-worth individuals to protect against, prepare for and respond to challenges by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (“LHDN”).

We are experienced in all stages of tax disputes, be it from pre-transaction analysis and documentation to closing the file on items in dispute. We can assist in achieving certainty on disputed tax issues quickly and efficiently and in a way that can help build an effective and respectful relationship with the LHDN.

There are two ways for taxpayers to dispute tax assessments by the LHDN, either appeal to the Special Commissioners of Income Tax (SCIT) or undergo judicial review at the High Court. We represent our clients in challenging the tax assessment ensuring that our clients' rights are always protected.