Image by Alina Grubnyak

Our International Alliance


In order to cater our clients' needs and to ease their businesses, we provide assistance and services through our international affiliates ensuring our clients' needs are well taken of.

Loggerhead Partners is a multi-disciplinary advisory and management solutions firm operating from offices in Dubai, Nicosia and Zurich.

Loggerhead Corporate Services, its Dubai-specialist Corporate Service provider, offers residency and wealth planning solutions across the three jurisdictions in which the company operates and in other jurisdictions around the world where its business associates are based.

In the UAE, Loggerhead promotes the UAE residency scheme and assists business owners and wealthy individuals in selecting the right structure for their corporate and wealth holding plans. Having a rich experience in the country, a deep understanding of the banking system, the local laws, the culture and how internal processes and people function, Loggerhead optimises the international wealth planning situation of its clients all the while ensuring a smooth and worry-free UAE experience for them.

Soengkar & Partners is a leading Indonesian boutique law firm with not only a unique appreciation of the complex legal and regulatory challenges in Indonesia as well as within the region; but also, a trusted confidant and valued consultant to clients. We provide diligent care and adopt a client-focused approach to ensure that our clients receive the most effective and efficient solutions to address their needs.

The team have diverse legal education, language capabilities, practice experiences and cultural understanding that have prepared them to provide quality legal representation and maintain responsiveness to clients.

A hallmark of our success is the depth and breadth of our cross-border experience and relationships and our renowned reputation as a law firm of choice for inbound and outbound investments within the region.